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Photography is the means with which I have been able to explore other interests of mine such as architecture, botanics and the characteristics of ordinary objects. 


Ever since I turned my passion for photography into a career some 40 years ago, I have been crafting my own styles of photography and a quite large catalog of work. This work is a result of exploring and playing around with various new and old techniques, ideas, and hardware. Both analog and digital. In the past couple of years my focus has intensified on developing my work into exhibitions.

Visit my facebook page to view updated information about ongoing exhibitions. 

All photographs are for sale as high quality prints via

  • Vit Instagram Ikon

2020 - Österlens Fotografi Centrum 

2019 - Strandvägen 7A - ONGOING to 2021

2019 - Österlens Fotografi Centrum

2018 - BAT Gallery Stockholm

2018 - Mälsåkers Slott 

2017 - 54 The Gallery London

2017 - Österlens Fotografi Centrum

2015 - Galleri 33 Stockholm

2015 - BAT Gallery Stockholm

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